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Conditional Action and Parent Form

Hey TK Support, 

As we're making updates to forms, I noticed that I can add a conditional action to the parent form in Clinical Studio only and the TrialKit form will query correctly. 

It seems I don't need to add the conditional action to the repurposed TrialKit child form as well. That the child form uses the logic from the parent form. 

Is this true? 

Then, we only need to recreate a child form in TrialKit if a field is added / removed from the parent form in Clinical Studio? 

Formatting the child form in TrialKit for mobile use, using an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, is AWESOME!!! 

Thanks for your guidance! 

Jerry Stinar | Chief Executive Officer | FUEL Studios, Inc. | 612-875-1833

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That is true! Updates to parent form propagate to repurposed forms for mobile devices dynamically. 

It is fantastic isn't it!

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