Upcoming Version 5.0 Changes to Be Aware of

Version 5.0 on the web will be released Feb 29th, 2020. This includes several changes, which can be seen in the release notes, but one is a critical change to be aware of: Visit cohorts

In summary, the addition of visit cohorts has one impact on existing studies. That is, scheduled visits are no longer tied to study versions, but are rather controlled through cohorts. in other words, If a new study version is created and changes are made to CRFs, that process will remain the same. However, if changes need to be made to visit schedule design, it can be done by separately creating a new visit cohort and moving all the subjects to that new cohort when ready, or by just changing the visit schedule for the cohort which the subjects currently reside on.

You can read more about visit cohorts here. Please contact your project manager if you have any pressing questions or concerns.

Thank you!

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