Every user has access at two separate levels: 

  • Account-level
  • Study level

This method of organization allows Account Administrators to add users at the account (website host) level, without being required to make them part of any studies that exist under that account. 

A common example of this is if the accounting person at a company needs access to the Account Manager page for billing purposes, but does not need to access any studies or subject records.

Most users you add will need access to at least one study within an account. 

In these cases, there is a two-step process to provide appropriate access. Select the links below to read about each:

1) Add a new user to the account (Website Host)

2) Add the user to the study and assign the corresponding role in the study.

Read here on how to manage users once they've been added to the account

As an added benefit, the system tracks when users and sites are added or removed to/from studies. You will always have a full history available for reference.