This article describes how to add users to one or more sites and assign a corresponding role they serve in the study. 

Once added, users will have access to the study and be able to perform the functions granted to them in Role Security.

Before a user can be added to a study, they need to exist at the host level User Manager. Read more here for adding users at the host level before they can be added at the study level.

Note, as long as there is at least one user on a site, that site will automatically be part of the study. Its important to also include each site in the appropriate version of the study as well.

Under Study Configuration settings, select the Sites & Users tab (web), or the Site/User Manager (on the app)

Go through the following drop-downs to add users to appropriate sites with the appropriate study roles. 

Read here on how to add/edit study roles.

The items listed below correspond to the annotated image above:

1) Site: Select which site to work with. The list of options here comes from the Site Manager

2) User: Select which user to add. The list of options here comes from the User Manager.  The user email is included in the name drop-down to help distinguish who user is.

3) Role: Select the role to assign to the user. The list of options here comes from the Role Security settings. If only one option appears, its because the user selected already belongs to another site with a specific role. Users can only have one role in a study.

4) Add User to Site: Select this button to add the user to the list directly to the right.

5) Save Study Configuration: Select this to save changes.

On the app:

Annotated image above:

1. Select the user role which should be applied

2. Tap, hold and drag a user from the list of available users to the site where he/she belongs

3. Tap a site to see the list of users and their roles at the bottom

4. List of users for the currently selected site. This is also where current user roles can be changed. To delete a user, swipe from right to left on the user's row.

Important: If the site is new to the study (this is the first time users are being added to the site), be sure to include the new site in the desired version of the study. If this is not done, you won't see the new site in the subject manager or site documents.


All changes made on sites and users will be traceable in the Site/User Audit Report.

For a comprehensive report displaying all users, which sites they belong to, and which roles they have in the study, see the Site by User Report under the Reports menu.