This article discusses user management after users have been added to account. For information on managing user study roles and site membership within a specific study, read here.

After opening the User Manager from the Host Management menu, the following image describes the various functions that can be performed on users.

On the app:

1. Tap a row to edit the user's information. See next image for more info.

2. Tap the information icon to access any Host level user forms (study dependent)

3. Search for users in the list

4. Access more granular filters to apply to the list when searching for users

When a user is tapped, the following items can be edited:

1. User name and email

2. User's host level role. Most users will be 'No Access' here because their role access is only at the study level.

3. Functions to send the user login information or deactivate the user on the host account (all studies).

4. Enable which studies the user will have access to. This will make the user available to assign to a site when managing the study level access.

On the web:

1. Table filters to search for specific users or groups of users.

2. Table functions:

Studies: Lists all studies the user is a part of. Users are added to studies here.

Status: By default when users are added, they are active. By selecting this link, users can be deactivated/suspended to remove login access to the account without actually removing them from the account or studies. This is especially helpful for audit purposes. Rather than deleting users, they can be maintained in the list and simply denied future access.

User Profile: This is an optional form that can be customized here and filled out to collect specific data on individual users.

Send Sign In Information: This is a link and a date of when the user last received login information. By selecting the link, the system will reset the users password and send the user a notice. Users can also do this on their own by using the Forgot Password function. 

Please Note: Sign in information will come from the email address ""

Edit: Select this to edit the name, email, or role.

Delete: Select this to delete the user. This is not advised for users who have entered data in compliant studies, as it has the potential to remove that users name from any audit trail or action they were historically involved in. Suspending users is the advised method.