Step 1:

By default the Inventory Management pages are disabled and need to be made available through the Role Security. This can be done by anyone, such as a study administrator with access to do so. The applications to enable are Inventory Administration and Inventory Management.

Step 2:

Enable the inventory system functionality in the study configuration.

Step 3:

Import the Inventory Configuration forms into your Form Builder from the Public Form Library titled "Inventory Forms."

  1. From study form builder, click on Import Form
  2. Select Inventory Forms from the library drop down field.
  3. Select Inventory Level and Inventory Configuration forms. (Use pertinent site level form)
  4. Click on Import Checked Forms to bring them into your form study form builder.

Step 4:

Open Study Related forms and fill out the details of the first inventory you will be using. A new form can be filled out for independent inventory lists used in the same study.

The most important fields to complete are annotated below:

1. Configuration Name

2. Add a row for each column in the inventory source file. This file will be uploaded in step 5.

*Note if floor/ceiling inventory levels vary among sites, please complete the Inventory Level form for each site in the Site Documents Application.

Step 5: 

Configure a subject form for assigning inventory items to subjects. This is done in the Form Builder by using a dropdown field and change the properties special type to the specific inventory configuration set up in step 4. Do not add any choices to the dropdown field. The system will do that automatically on the subject record.