Users at study sites are able to access local inventory items for the purpose of accepting items, rejecting items, and assigning items to subjects. Access to Inventory Management and functions within are permissions that must be granted by the study designer.

Access can be verified by opening the following page located under the 'Subject' menu.

The TrialKit mobile app on iOS and Android can be used as well to accomplish the same functions outlined here, with the added benefit of scanning capabilities to accept items into local site inventory simply by scanning the barcodes. If doing bulk item assignment to each subject, the app can also be used to select a single subject and scan multiple items directly to that subject.

To accept or reject items into inventory follow the descriptions corresponding to the image annotations below:

1. Select the inventory you wish to view. Most studies will only contain one.

2. Select from the available filter options to display specific inventory items in the table.

3. Select a barcode to display in the lower-right side of the page of scanning with the mobile app.

4. Action - Select single or multiple inventory items to accept/reject into/from local inventory.

5. After selecting items from the action column, accept items into local site inventory. This will make the item(s) available for subject assignment.

6. After selecting items from the action column, provide a reason from the dropdown and select the link to reject items. This will prevent those items from being available to subject assignment.

Once items are assigned to subjects on the designated field(s) within subject records, this report can be used as an overview of where each item was assigned.

Note: Once an item is assigned to a subject, currently only the TrialKit app supports the ability to UN-assign that item from the subject.