Account Administrators have access to this report which lists the complete history of changes made to an account, study, and site membership. The following actions are tracked:

1. Site Created

2. Site Deleted

3. User Added to Host

4. User Removed from Host

5. User Added to Site

6. User Removed From Site

7. Site Added to Study

8. Site Removed from Study

9. Site Updated

10. User Updated

11. Site Deactivated

12. Site Activated

13. User Removed from Study

14. User Added to Study

15. User Sign In Sent

16. User Activated

17. User Deactivated

18. User Role assigned (Role tracking beginning May 23, 2020)

19. User Role change

The app contains this report under Regulatory Audit Reports:

The web contains this report under the website host menu:

Once open, the report can be exported to Excel for any advanced sorting or filtering on actions or users. To Export, tap the export links/icons provided on the screen