TrialKit's ability to import records is a powerful feature that can be used to perform mass updates on records or to import data from external sources.

Examples of external sources include:

  • Complete studies that need to be moved to TrialKit from another platform (rescue studies)
  • Patient lab values
  • Large data sets produced by a machine
  • Medical terms that need to be coded

This function needs to first be enabled in the role security settings before it will appear in the menu. The role security application to enable is Import Manager.

Importing data is done from the Import Configurations page found under the Study menu, currently only via the web.

Before configuring an import, it's important to build the form(s) in TrialKit with the appropriate data fields that you will be mapping the source data to.

Use the links below to go step through the entire process.

1) Build forms as needed. If you are starting a study from scratch, use the study building guide to build a study prior to importing data.

2) Prepare the source data (accepted formats are CSV and SAS)

3) Create an import configuration

4) Set up the configuration

5) Test and Run the import

Note, once an import is configured and fields are mapped, the system will keep that configuration for future use, making respective imports incredibly easy.