After configuring the import, open the page titled 'Run Import' located under the Study menu.

1. Choose the configuration you wish to run the import for. The study will save all past configurations, so future imports can easily be run here without needing to re-create the configuration.

2. Upload the same source file used for the configuration mapping.

3. Test the import. This will check for any mapping errors.

After the test is run, results will be displayed with any errors that were caught based on mapping discrepancies.

If any errors are seen, scroll down the page to reference where the errors were seen. Then return to the Import Configuration to fix the issues, or select to Force Run the Import via the checkbox shown above. Forcing the import will bypass any records where errors were seen. 

Imports run very quickly and a confirmation message will be displayed at the top. Once complete, open the Subject Manager or view data extracts to see the new data.