The ability to close queries is a permission that must first be granted in role security via the Query Management application.

To see you have the right to close queries, open any query and verify the following highlighted:

Queries can be closed from two places:

  • Directly from the record
  • My Queries Report

This article discusses how to close queries from the queries report.

In addition to the basics discussed here on opening and navigating the queries report, the following options may be available if the appropriate permissions have been granted to your role in the study. Reference the image below for the following descriptions.

1. Show All Queries - Check this box to display all queries regardless of the sites you belong to or the queries that were deployed to your role.

2. Messages - Displays the number of messages/posts made on each query. Select the number to open the query dialog window shown above. In this way, queries can be closed individually.

3. Bulk closing queries - Check these boxes to select multiple queries to close at once. The second image below shows how this is done.

4. Select the date link to open the record where each query resides. Queries can also be accessed in this way.

After selecting multiple queries (item 3 above), the bottom right side of the page will display the following options. Reference the image below for the following descriptions:

1. Select a reason for closing the queries. The reasons available are set up by the study builder here.

2. Select of the first link to only close the queries that are selected. Alternatively, you can filter only for specific queries and close them all at once without being required to check the boxes in item 3 above.