Read these articles on the different query typesaccessing and posting messages to existing queries, and managing queries from a central report.

The normal workflow of Queries are as follows:

1. Query created - either manually by a user or automatically by the system. These will be RED, or to the Attn of the site.

2. Query addressed 

  • Manual Queries - Another user posts a message to the query will either change the status to GREEN if the message was posted by the site, or RED if the message was posted by an Admin level role (normally like a Monitor). Those queries can be filtered and viewed in the Queries Report.
  • Automatic Queries - The data gets corrected and the query automatically closes itself, or a user posts a message to the query.

3. Data Manager or similar role accesses open queries or queries with responses through the Queries Report

4. Queries are closed either directly on the record or from the Queries Report. Manual queries must be manually closed. Automatic queries generated from edit checks will automatically close themselves when the data is corrected.

Note: All queries on a form must be closed before the form can enter the review workflow.