eDiaries allow patients to complete surveys or other forms at very specific intervals and frequencies. This allows for aggregate patient data to be collected over the course of a study without in-person visits. Patients can enter their data directly into the study database.

Prior to enabling eDiary functionality, be sure the study has ePRO enabled.  

The following form properties must be set in the Form Builder for any form that will be used as an eDiary and provided for study patients to access:

Within the study configuration menu, currently only available to setup via the mobile app:

To create an eDiary, add a new configuration via the form displayed. See below the image for descriptions.

Name - Give the eDiary a configuration a name. The patient will see this when the associated form(s) are delivered for collection

Starting Interval - This will be the visit interval within each subject's casebook which initiates the first delivery of the form(s) collected.

Expiration - How many total days from the starting interval should the configuration run for.

Time Unit - Days, hours, or minutes can be used to deliver form(s) in a very specific interval.

Completion window - For each form delivered, how long the patient will have to fill it out within a given interval.

Form Selection - Tap to select which form(s) apply to the configuration being created.

eDiary type - There are three different methods for collecting ePRO forms:

  • Specific Time - Choose specific days and times to collect the forms. For example, every Tuesday and Thursday at 0800 (patients local timezone).
  • Interval - Choose a repeating interval to collect the forms. For example, every 3 days.
  • Event Driven - Some other form entered will trigger the start of the eDiary. Once that begins, a specific frequency occurs for a specified number of total records being collected. For example, Once the patient indicates they have experienced nausea on another form (separate eDiary configuration), deliver a follow up form every 2 hours until 4 records have been collected (8 hours total).

As forms become due based on the eDiary configuration, the patient will receive both a push notification and an email.