eDiaries allow patients to complete surveys or other forms at specified intervals or as needed. This allows for aggregate patient data to be collected over the course of a study without office visits. Patients can enter their data directly into the study database.

Prior to enabling eDiary functionality, be sure the study has ePRO enabled.  

The following form attributes must be set in the Form Builder for any form that will be used as an eDiary:

eDiary Configuration:

On the website, under the Study menu, select eDiary Configuration.

Adding a new eDiary Configuration:

  1. eDiary Name - Enter eDiary Name
  2. Sequence Order - Sequence determines the order the forms appear in the app. Scheduled forms always appear before eDiary forms
  3. eDiary Form - Enter the name of the eDiary Form.  In Study Form Designer the form MUST be an ePRO form, marked as LOG form and set to many in the relationship)
  4. eDiary Starting Interval - Enter the interval the eDiary is to start collecting data
  5. eDiary Frequency in Days - Frequency is how often to serve the forms:
    1. A frequency of 0 will set the forms to be always availableWhen a subject saves the form, a new form becomes immediately available. This is how to set multiple forms per day.
    2. A frequency of 1 will be a new form every day. Only one per day and so on.
  6. eDiary Expiration - Expiration is when to stop serving forms, that works in conjunction with the starting interval date.
  7. Completion window is the number of days they have to complete a served form. For daily forms, that number should be zero. It automatically gives 23:59:59 seconds of that day to complete the form.
  8. Edit current eDiary configurations
  9. Add New eDiary Form to save the configuration