Partial Monitoring allows Monitors (or any needed review level) to review/lock fields individually on records. This prevents any data changes on specific fields of a form but leaves the remainder of the form available for a site to complete data entry.

To configure a study for partial record review, open the Study Configuration page, Workflow tab. Select the "Field" checkbox next to any review level that should be capable of partial record review. This will typically only be the first review level or the Monitor review level. 

The next step is to define which fields on the forms will support partial review for the role selected above. Any field that should be capable of being individually locked on a form needs to have the property selected as shown below. 

If you want every data field to have this attribute, rather than going through each field individually, there is a link on the lower right side of the page to apply partial monitoring to every field.

Don't forget to save the form :)