Clearing all study data is sometimes necessary during testing where the study only contains test records and the study builder wants to reset the database to a clean state. An alternative to clearing the study data would be simply to create a new copy of the study using the Study Manager.

To clear all data from a study, open the study configuration page and use the annotated image below for steps to follow.

If the study status is Live, it needs to be reset before all data can be cleared.

If item 5 in the image below appears on your screen, the first 4 items can be ignored.

1. Select your own role and the Subject Record Management application

2. Ensure "Clear All Data" permission is checked. It's usually safest to keep this disabled until such time that its needed.

3. Save changes

4. Refresh the browser page for item 5 to appear.

5. Select the "Clear All Data" link and confirm.