Ability to review CRFs is setup by the Study Administrator. What is required at each review level will also vary between studies. 

Be sure you have first read these important points about record review.

The example below covers record review, as it would be seen by a study Monitor, in a study that is set up for partial monitoring. Please note that your study may not contain all the functions outlined below.

When the Study Monitor logs in, all the records available for review can be found in the Action Item Report. Alternatively, the Monitor can open the Subject Manager and pull up specific records needed. From the Action Item Report, records can be individually selected or bulk reviewed if the study design allows for it. 

Reference the annotated image directly below:

1. Select this link to open the record and review it. Once open, read here for how to review the CRF.

2 & 3. Select multiple items to bulk review (study-dependent)

4. Select the subject ID link to open the subject records page in the Subject Manager

This functionality can more conveniently be accomplished on the mobile app - also from the Action Item Report or directly from subject records.:

Continue reading on how to review a record.