Continuing from the article on how to open a CRF for review, this article covers the actual step(s) to take for marking the record as reviewed at your level.

The example below covers record review, as it would be seen by a study Monitor, in a study that is set up with field level review.

Field level review is seen by the lock icons next all or some of the fields on the form - depending on requirements of the study. These lock icons allow the Study Administrator to require specific fields be reviewed.

Locked fields can be unlocked and the data changed provided a user role has been granted the "Unlock Field (FLSV)" right. When a field(s) has been unlocked and changed, it will appear on the Monitor Report accessed from the Reports menu. 

In this image, the highlighted field has not yet been locked. Until doing so, the form as a whole cannot be marked reviewed and locked. Instead, only the specific fields are locked.

The button at the top of the page, "Lock Fields" also provides a quick option to lock all applicable fields on the page. This can come in helpful when many fields exist on the page. If queries then need to be added, just tap on the needed fields to unlock those again to add queries.

Note, the "Freeze" link at the top is only to freeze the entire form and prevent further changes. This is a special permission that must be granted.

Below is how the same record looks on a mobile device. 

Queries can be accessed by tapping on the icon. The field can be locked/unlocked by a 2 second press on the same icon. The icon will also change color if queries exist on the field.

The same Lock All option exists as a quick alternative to simply locking all fields on the page. This is the lock icon at the top of the screen.

Once the fields are all locked, the review button will appear at the bottom of the record as highlighted here:

This is how the same record looks on the mobile app:

After the record is reviewed, the history can be seen at the top of the record. An Unlock button will appear to anyone with the permission to unlock review levels, or to the user role responsible for performing that review level.