Once you are logged in, the application will open a screen similar to the one below.  

Forms can either be seen immediately on the screen or accessed via the "Show My Forms" button at the top of the screen.

For help at anytime, tap the help icon on the screen.

If Consent is required, the following message will display if you attempt to access your forms

To provide consent, tap the eConsent option in the menu. Once completed, depending on the study, you may receive an email verification with attached documents.

From there you will receive notifications as forms become due to complete. This varies by study.

If available, some studies may allow for revoking consent from the app. This can be done via the Icon at the top of the consent form:

To revoke consent, a reason will be requested. Simply enter a reason and tap "Revoke Consent". This will disable any further data entry until consent is provided again.