Patient receive notifications based on the type of ePRO form being delivered. There are two main types: 

Those collected within visit windows will send notification to the patient on the low date window of the corresponding visit. These go out at 8am Pacific Time as both an email and a push (in-app) notification.

Those collected as eDiaries will send notifications based on the deployment frequency defined in the eDiary configuration.

The actual message sent is defined in the ePRO configuration page accessible via the study menu on the web or within the study settings menu on the app.

See the image below for annotated descriptions:

  1. Open ePRO configuration from under the Study menu.
  2. Icon Badge - For users that allow notifications on their local device, this will set an icon badge on their device home screen (iOS users only).
  3. Define if notifications should go out to patients. This serves as a master 'on/off' control for the entire study's automated ePRO notifications. If the reminder value is left blank or set as zero (0), it will default to sending notifications every hour until the respective form has been completed by the patient. A value of 1 sends a reminder once per day, etc.
  4. Save the configuration.

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