The Version Manager is used to control which sites and subjects are part of specific study versions. This is also where subjects are migrated from older study versions to newer ones as changes are made to the study design.

It is important to first understand how new versions are created and published.

The Version Manager is found under the Study menu:

Once open, the page will look like this. Follow the annotations below for a description of the page elements:

1) Select which version of the study to manage. The choices here are populated from the study configuration. The choice made will indicate if it is a published version or a development version as shown below.

2) Use the filters at the top to narrow down the results or to include all sites at once, or just Check the box for each site that needs to be part of the version that was selected in step one. If the version is in development, only Administrative site types can be included.

Continue reading on how to migrate subjects from an old version to a newer version.