The TrialKit Form Builder enables novice users and non-programmers to create very sophisticated forms for compliant and structured data collection. The task of creating forms is made easy by utilizing state of the art “drag and drop” technology. The level of customization and power you will see here is unmatched by any other form building tool.

There are two form builders in TrialKit:

  • Host-level - Found under the Website Host menu
  • Study level - Found under the Study menu as shown below

Important: Most forms, like subject eCRFs, are built at the study level. Please ensure you are building your forms in the correct location and choosing the correct form type.

Once open, reference the annotated image below for an overview of the page layout and links to more descriptive articles of each item.

  1. Form Name and Type of all existing forms.
  2. Sequence
  3. Export/Import Links
  4. Data Dictionary
  5. Annotate
  6. Version selection - For studies using versioning
  7. Design Tools
  8. Field Types
  9. Form or Field Properties, depending on what is currently selected in the workspace (10)
  10. Form Workspace - Drag and drop field types (7 & 8) here
  11. Editing tools
  12. Save Form - Saves current work in the workspace. This is not automatic. Be sure to regularly save your work.
  13. Re-run Edit Checks - Only appears for non-versioned studies. This re-runs all conditional actions on all records in the study database.
  14. Replicate Form - Can be used to copy the form to another study in the same Host or another Host you are a part of.
  15. Auto-Validate forms
  16. Setup notification messages and distribution lists for use in conditional actions
  17. Field Source Verification

Continue reading the Form Building Guide for directions on how to begin a new form.