Conditional actions are features which perform different computations or actions depending on whether a condition is true or false.

Conditional Actions

Conditional actions allow Users to build a logical set of statements (expressions). The statements are then evaluated for having a true or false condition. Based on the overall expression either a single true or false condition will occur.

The Conditional Actions Builder is found in the Clinical Studio Form Builder.  Conditional actions are within forms to compute values, trigger actions, or evaluate data on fields.

Accessing the Conditional Action Builder

To access the Conditional Action Builder, hover your mouse over the Study Menu and select the “Form Builder…” link from the menu as shown in the figure below. When using the Form Builder be sure to the correct study is selected from the dropdown that appears in the Right Column. 


In order to place conditional actions on fields a new form must be created or an existing form selected from the Existing Forms table. For illustration purposes, an existing Adverse Event/Hospitalization is displayed to explain conditional actions.

In the Existing Forms Data Table at the top of the Form Builder the “Select” control across from the desired form is clicked to open the form in the Form Builder as shown in the following figure.


This will load the form into the body/grid of the Form Builder as shown below.


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