To better understand this section, it is suggested that you first read:  Conditional Actions – Explained and Accessibility

The Compute Value Conditional Action allows a User to build any assortment of arithmetic operations with a variety of operands.  When a User selects the Conditional Action type Compute Value, a dialog box opens at the bottom of the Conditional Actions Builder as shown in the figure below.


To use the dialog box, drag and drop or click constructs into the build area.

The table below describes the compute value constructs.

The example below shows how to create the computation for the BMI in the BMI_CALC field.  In order to compute the field both the Weight and Height fields will need to be used.  When the Height and Weight fields are completed in the form the User can click a small calculator to compute the BMI.  In order to calculate correctly the units will also need to be compared.  The Conditional Actions portion of the Computed Value is completed in the building area as shown in the example below.

To Create the BMI Computed Value:

     1.      Click on the BMI field as shown in the figure below.  This is the field that will calculate the BMI.

     2.      Click 0-View/Edit next to Conditional Actions to open the Conditional Action Builder as shown in the following figure.

     3.      Click the type field drop down and select Compute Value from the choices as shown below.

     4.      In the body of the Conditional Actions dialog box a condition to calculate only based upon the Weight and Height Units needs to be built so the BMI is calculated correctly. The figure below displays the Condition to compute the BMI based upon the weight unit expressed in pounds and the height units expressed in inches.  For calculating different units, such as weight units in kilograms and height units in centimeters anotherCompute value conditional action would need to be created. 

The conditional action above states that if the weight field (DB_WEIGHT6) is not blank and the weight units (DB_WEIGHT_UNITS6) equals “lb” and the height field (DB_HEIGHT5) is not blank and the height units (DB_HEIGHT_UNITS5) equals “in” then calculate the BMI.  If the weight or height fields are blank and the Units fields do not match the criteria then the compute value conditional action will not calculate.

     5.      At the bottom of the Builder is the Compute dialog box.  Within this dialog box the computed field constructs can be clicked on or dragged and dropped into the dialog box.  From the list, click the parentheses or drag them into the dialog box as shown below.

     6.      Click on Field or drag it between the parentheses as shown below.

The Field construct is a drop down that contains all the Fields defined within the Form.

     7.      Click the Field drop down and select the field, “DB_WEIGHT6” as shown below.

     8.      Click on the Multiplication symbol (*) and drag it between DB_WEIGHT6 and the close parentheses as shown below.


     9.      Click the Number construct and type in 703 as shown in the following figure.

     10.   Click on the Divide symbol (/) drag and drop it after the close parentheses as shown in the following figure.

     11.   Click on the parentheses and drag and drop them after the Divide construct as shown below.

     12.   Click “Field” and drag it and drop it between the parentheses.  Click the field drop down and select DB_HEIGHT5 as shown below.

     13.   Click the Multiplication construct and drag and drop it after DB_HEIGHT5 as shown in the following figure.

     14.   Click, drag and drop the Field construct after the Multiplication construct.  Click the drop down and select DB_HEIGHT5 as shown below.

The Compute Value conditional action is now complete.


15. Click the OK button as shown below.

     16. Click the SaveForm button in the Form Builder to save the Conditional Action in the Form.

Here is how the computed field works in the actual form as shown in the figure below.  The User inputs the height field, height units, weight, and weight units.  To calculate the BMI, the User clicks the calculator next to the field shown below.  After clicking the calculator, the value calculates based on the computation that was entered in the Conditional Action Compute Value dialog box.


For advanced computed value edit checks CLICK HERE for more information.


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