Form Libraries are used to store forms in the cloud that are created in the Form Builder application. Forms stored in the Form Library can be used across all hosts and studies that you are a part of. 

The Form Library Manager allows assigned users with the appropriate rights granted the ability to add new form library, edit, and delete libraries.                           

Add Form Library
To create a new Form Library, select the “Form Library Manager…” link from the Website Host menu as shown in the figure below.

This opens the Form Library Manager page shown in the figure below. The page contains the Current Form Libraries data table which lists all of the Current Form Libraries in the System and the Add New Form Library form.


To Add (a) New Form Library (Create):

  1. Click in the Name field and type in a New Form Library Name.
  2. Click the Availability drop-down and select Private within Sponsor (the only choice). Specific forms can be imported and exported (shared between studies or with other TrialKit users) using the controls in the Form Builder application accessed from either the Website Host or Study menus. (See the Form Builder - Importing Forms and Form Builder - Exporting Forms help documents for further information.)
  3. Click the Save Form Library button.

After clicking the Save Form Library button the New Library populates the Current Form Libraries data table as shown in the figure below.


Within this Library, the user can save all the forms that pertain to the Website Host as well as the Studies that will be conducted under this Website Host. There is no limit to the number of libraries in the system.

To Edit a Form Library:

Click on the editable field and make the necessary changes. To save the changes click the Update control. To cancel any changes made simply click the Cancel control as shown in the figure below.

To Delete a Form Library:

Click on delete link and form will be deleted from the library.

Please note you must have proper rights to do as Edit and delete are can be controlled by rights manager.

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