The Data Dictionary link shown in the figure below opens the Data Dictionary popup window. Clicking the Data Dictionary link displays all the fields in the selected form along with their existing properties.

The figure below shows the Form Summary table which is displayed when the Data Dictionary link is clicked. It displays a Form Summary table with the Form Type, Number of Data Fields and the Total Fields the form contains. The Main Form table contains a Header with the Form ID and Form Name. The columns below the header contain additional information about the form. The Field Name column displays the Field Name, Related properties and any Conditional Actions associated with the field. The Field Label column displays the text related to the field. The Field ID column provides the Field ID associated with the field. The Field Type column displays the type of field and additional attributes for the field. The Choices column displays the field choices identified for the field (if applicable).


The figure below shows the “Export to” drop-down that appears in the upper right corner of the Main Form header.


The dropdown list contains two selections:

1.       Excel and

2.       ODM

Selecting Excel or ODM from the dropdown list will download file in that selected format.

After exporting the file users can review the data within the file, save it and send the file to a selected list of recipients if desired.

*Note Export Entire Data Dictionary on the right side of Form Builder.  Pick the version to export.  Each form will be a tab in the spreadsheet.