E-Mail and "Push" Notifications allow users to set up conditional actions that send E-Mails or Push Notifications to your smartphone to specific users based upon an event.  Before creating a Conditional Action E-Mail Notification, users need to:

Create the Notification Message to be sent; and,

Create an E-Mail/Push Notification Distribution List to whom the E-Mail and or Push Notice will be sent.

Users can define as many E-Mails/Push Notices and distribution lists as they need based upon any number of defined events occurring within forms.

Creating Notifications Messages

To create the E-Mail Notification:

Within the Form Builder Application, select the “Create Notification E-Mail” link as shown in the figure below.


When the link is clicked the Current Emails data table is displayed along with the Define E-Mail Name and Text form. 


2) Current E-Mails - Table listing of E-Mails that have been created.  Click on select to edit the existing template.
Define E-Mail Name and Text - Name the email distribution list and also check if you want it sent only on first save and or if an ePRO notice.
3) The Right Column displays the Dynamic Text box that contains the text that can be included in the body of the E-Mail as shown in the figure below. The Dynamic Text is information that is related to the Event. Below are the definitions of the Dynamic Text that can be included in the E-Mail. The Dynamic Text must be enclosed with a square bracket and typed in upper case letters. [LIKE THIS]

CURRENT_DATE – Date the Event occurred
USER_FIRST – First Name of the E-Mail recipient (Admin, PI, etc.)
USER_LAST – Last Name of the E-Mail recipient
FORM_NAME – Subject Event Form Name
SUBJECT_ID – Subject ID associated with the Event occurrence
VISIT_NAME – Visit Interval in which the Event occurred
VISIT_DATE – Date on which the Visit was completed/occurred
SITE_NAME – Site Name associated with the enrolled Subject
STUDY_NAME - Study name associated with the site and use
STUDY_ID - Study ID of the study
SUBJECT_PIN - Subject PIN for TrialKit - Patient (ePRO) log in

In the body of the E-Mail, type in the message to be sent to a defined distribution list of recipients as shown in the figure below.

Click the “Save Email” button at the bottom of the page as shown in the figure above.

After saving the E-Mail, the E-Mail Name will populate a drop-down list in the Conditional Action E-Mail Notification. This will be shown in an example later in the document when a Conditional Action E-Mail Notification is created in the Form Builder