Click on a field in the form or anywhere outside of a field. The selected field is designated by the Blue blue dotted lines. Once a field has been selected, the field properties for that field type appear in the Properties section on the left hand side of the Form Builder.  The Conditional Actions Builder link is contained in the Validations section of the form properties as shown in the figure below.


The value shown indicates the number of Conditional Actions on the selected field or form.  As conditional actions are added or removed on the field, the number will change. 

To create a new conditional action, first select the type of action (highlighted below in the image).

Use the following links to read more about each possible type of conditional action: 




Popup Message

Compute Value

Populate Value

Email Notification

To insert conditions/criteria in the Expression Area shown in yellow above, click on the arrow at the bottom. Once at least one condition exists, the other arrows can be used to insert additional expressions where they are needed. To create blocked expressions, select the "Block" button prior to inserting a new condition. Expressions can also be deleted using the red "X" icon.

To create an entirely new conditional action, or to copy one for pasting onto another field, use the controls here:

When done, click the "Ok" button at the bottom prior to saving the form. Be sure to SAVE the form prior to exiting the form builder or opening a different form

Copying and Pasting Conditional Actions

When a CA is copied, it goes to a local clipboard and can then be pasted via the paste icon to another field on the same form without losing any of the parameters.

The copied CA is also copied to the centralized CA clipboard as shown below, where it can be accessed from another form (after saving the current form and opening another form in the builder). When using the CA clipboard function, any field based conditions will be reset and must be redefined on the new form where its being copied. Other types of conditions will be retained.

Conditional Action Limitations and Considerations

Normalized Tables
Validations and Disable actions are the only two types of conditional action that should be used inside a normalized table (sub-form)

Hidden Fields
If a field contains both Hide and Validation type CAs, its possible in instances where the field becomes hidden later on, a pre-existing query may exist from a validation that fired. To prevent this, an additional CA would be needed on the field to prevent the validation from firing when the field is hidden.

Upload Fields
Upload field types cannot be used with conditional actions. For example, the following CA would not work: "Send an email notification if 'Upload field A' is not blank." From a conditional action and data validation perspective, the system does not recognize changes to upload fields. Additionally, characterizing an upload field as 'required' in the field properties does not have an effect.