Clinical Studio offers medical coders a powerful and efficient tool for coding of terms and drugs. This can be used for studies running on Clinical Studio or, if the data is coming from somewhere else, it can be used as a stand-alone tool. 

It is also the only coding platform certified by WHO DDE on a mobile app.

Prior to using the Medical Coding tool, sponsors must acquire a license for any coding database that will be used. 

Here are the links to those organizations:


Uppsala Monitoring Centre (WHODrug)


Medical Coding Setup Guide:

The remainder of this article covers the initial setup for use of medical coding. This only needs to be done once.

If your study is being built and run in Clinical Studio, continue reading below on how to set up the medical coding.

If you are using the medical coding tool for studies be managed elsewhere, a study will need to be created first. 
Read here on how that is done, and then continue with the steps outlined in this article.



Medical Coding can be found under the Subject menu with the corresponding permission enabled in role security.

Before any medical coding can be performed, the following must be done. Use the links to continue reading.

1) Set up the form(s) and configuration

2) Import the data - only if data is not already being collected in Clinical Studio

3) Code from a browser or the mobile app