When the study has been built, tested, and approved, the study version is ready to be published.

Publishing a study merely prevents the forms and visit schedules from being changed for that particular version. 

It does not give sites the ability to begin enrolling subjects. Read here on how to allow sites to begin enrolling.

To publish a study, select the icon highlighted in the image below.


Important: After a version has been published, its necessary to include any applicable study sites in that version. Read more on Version Management.

The study can also be Un-published as long as there are no subjects on that version and no sites are part of that version (this can be checked in the Version Manager). If those two rules are met, a link will appear like the one highlighted below. In this way, a study can potentially be reversed all the way back to a single version. This is particularly helpful on new studies that were copied from a previous study that had multiple versions.