The Rights Manager allows a user with an Administrator role to assign application rights to other defined user roles. All applications within the Website Host level contain access rights. This allows the Administrator to define the tasks each role can perform within each application. A role can also be denied access to an entire application.

There are two ways to get to the Rights Manager. The Rights Manager can be accessed through the Role Manager application by using the Grant or Revoke Rights link in the Define Rights box located in the Right Column as shown in the figure below. 

Or, the application can be accessed by selecting the Rights Manager… link from the Website Host menu as shown in the figure below.

The following page is displayed when either the Rights Manager… link is selected from the Website Host menu or the Grant or Revoke Rights link is selected from within the Role Manager application.

Assigning rights to a role is a very easy process. Simply follow these steps:

1. Select the desired role using the dropdown in the Change Role box located below the Sign In Status window in the Right Column.

2. Expand the panel(s) for the desired application(s).

3. Either check or uncheck the box next to each right to grant (check) or revoke (uncheck) the right.

4. When done, click the Save Rights button to apply the changes.

In most cases when a right is not granted to a role, users that are assigned that role will not even see the associated functionality. For example, when the Delete Form right in the Form Builder application is not granted, the Delete control, displayed in the Delete column in the Existing Forms data table, will not even appear, the entire column is hidden from view for that role.

The two figures below show the Form Builder Existing Forms data table. The first image shows the table when the delete right has been granted. The second image shows that table when the delete right has not been granted. 

When a role is created or edited, the final step is to assign that role to a user. That task is accomplished from the Website Host menu using the User Manager… link. For additional information, please see the User Manager help document.