Special Type: – (For Mobile Display Only) The Special Type - Bar Code Scanning (Mobile) can be used to provide end users in Clinical Studio forms the ability to scan a bar code for information to use in database. Bar Code special type is set on text fields only and can be used effectively for inventory management or in early phase trials to keep track of study animals.

Placing special type bar code scanning field steps.  See figure below:

  1. Select text field from the form properties area of toolbox
  2. Drag field on form and add proper label
  3. Name the field and reporting label
  4. Set field length to proper length to fit in entire bar code.  Default is 10.
  5. Select Special Type field called Bar code (Mobile) from drop-down selection
  6. Click the Save Form button

Here is an example of a form that collects a barcode value. On the TrialKit mobile app, users can directly scan barcodes into the form by tapping the barcode icon at the right side of the field.

Once a barcode is scanned, in addition to auto-filling the barcode field, the system can instantly access the FDA device registry to auto-fill other device-related data. An example is shown here:

To auto-fill device data from the FDA's database, the following field naming conventions must be used, where the items below need to be appended to the end of each of the corresponding fields.