To import data, the database needs a destination form. Its important to build the form in a way that can hold all the data needed. This article describes how. 

If your forms have already been built and you are simply updating data in the study, open the form in the form builder and export an annotated PDF. This will serve as easy reference when setting up the import. Also take note of which field on the form is the visit transaction date. Now you are ready to configure the import.

If you are importing new sets of data that the study has not been set up for, follow these steps:

1) Create a new form

2) Insert the necessary field types that correspond with the data formats being imported. 

For example, a column in the data source that exists as numbers would need a number or text field on the form. 

3) After all needed fields exist to match up with the source data needed, save the form.

4) Set the form up in the study, either as a log form, a scheduled form, or an unscheduled form.

5) Prepare the import source file.