The File Repository Manager or what we used to call "Study Document Manager" is located under the Study menu.  We have changed the name to reflect more of what is stored in this application. 

This is where users with appropriate role permissions are able to centrally access all files (e.g. images, documents, media) which have been uploaded to forms in the study.

Keep in mind, this page will display all files that have been uploaded across the entire study (all sites), so should only be made accessible to users who are necessary. 

In Role Security, it's listed as Document Manager application.

This example describes various functions. See the annotation descriptions below the image.

1. Filter options: Site, file name, form name where the file resides, number of rows to display in the table

2. The type of form where the file exists: Subject, Site, or Study to correspond with Subject CRFs, Site documents, or study forms.

3. Export options: 

  • Export to excel downloads the table shown
  • Export to Zip to download the actual files from the list displayed in the table (described below)

Downloading files

Files can be downloaded either individually or in bulk sets. 

  • The download icon in each row will download the individually named file with the format SiteName_SubjectID_FormName_FieldName_DateUploaded_FileName
  • To download a group of files at once, use the Export to Zip link on the right side of the page. The image below shows the steps to follow. Please note, due to large possible file size, the system limits this action to downloading a zipped file containing only the files displayed in the current table. The more rows are chosen to download, the longer the export will take to process. For example, displaying only 5 rows in the table will result in a download of only those 5 files.