The Website Host Copy Study function, only available from TrialKit on the web, allows users to copy studies between Website Hosts which they are Administrators on. The Website Host being copied from is known as the “Source Host.” The Website Host to which you are copying is known as the “Destination” or “Target Host.” 

Users must have role permissions for this function on both the source and destination host.

Accessing the Website Host Copy Study Application

To access the Website Host Copy Study application, select Host Copy Study from the Website Host menu.

If you do not see the menu or the application, then you do not have the proper rights and you should contact the Website Host Administrator or TrialKit support.

Prior to copying a study from the Source Host to the Destination Host, you must select the hosts and the source study from which to copy. Each host for which you have Copy study from rights will be displayed in the Website Host / Copy From dropdown list.

To choose the Host from which to copy (Copy From), use the dropdown control and select the desired Host from the list. Similarly, to choose the Host to copy to, use the dropdown control and select the desired host from the Copy To list. 

Remember, only Hosts to which your user role has the Copy Study To rights for will populate the dropdown list of options.

After the Copy From host has been selected, the corresponding Study drop-down list will be populated with the studies for that Host. Choose the desired study from the drop-down list of choices. 

When you have selected your Source and Destination Hosts and Source study to copy, the Click Here to Copy Study button will be displayed along with the progress bar. Copying studies, depending on the size and complexity of the source study, can take some time; therefore, a progress indicator is displayed.

Click the Click Here to Copy Study button. You should not select anything else while this process is running. TrialKit will display the copy progress in the progress bar or indicator as shown in the figure below. 

When the process is complete, TrialKit will automatically navigate to the Study Manager application for the current Website Host.


What gets copied? 

Studies are being copied between Hosts; therefore, there are some minor restrictions as to what is copied. All information including configurations, roles, rights, forms, subjects, reports and extract data sets are included in the copy and will be available on the new study for the selected Destination Host. 

However, because sites are Host specific, they are NOT copied over. In addition, because of that, Users are also not copied over to the Destination Host. It is the responsibility of the Destination Host to add the appropriate Sites and Users to the new study. The one exception is user who copied the study will be added to the new study. 

In addition, the first Administrative Site in the Destination Host will also be added to the new study. The copy study user will be added to that Site with an Administrator role. From there, the user with the Administrator role can bring other Users and Sites into the new study.


This application should only be used for copying studies between Hosts. 

NOTE: If you want to copy a study within a host, it is much better to use the Study Manager application as it allows you to select a study from which to copy that will include all Sites and Users in addition to the rest of the study data.