Hiding Tabs in Trialkit is an easy process. However, there is a specific set of instructions that must be followed. This document will explain those instructions.

Hidden Tabs should be used to deploy a single form across visit intervals. Certain sections of data may not be required at certain intervals. In that case, the tab can be completely hidden from the user.

Define the Conditional Action

The first step to hiding a tab is to define the conditional action. Select ANY field on the page (Tab) you want to hide. It can be any field including a separator or label. Open the Conditional Action builder by clicking the Conditional Actions link in the Form/Page Properties section of the Form Builder. The following explains how the conditional action must be defined.  DO THIS FOR EVERY TAB.  Pick any field and set up that hide based on your trigger as noted below:

*The most important thing to remember is to name the conditional action correctly by using “{Tab” as the first four characters. The tab will be hidden when the conditional action formula renders a result of “true”. The tab that will be hidden is the tab the field is defined for.

Test Conditional Action in Form

You will need to go into the form to test your conditional action. You should notice that upon entering the form the conditional action has fired and your tabs should be completely hidden.

Notice on opening page the tabs hide until you trigger the action:  (Hiding on blank answer too in this example) 

Now notice the trigger has be set to show all the tabs we hid.  Remember to put conditional hide with that {tab as name on any field in all the tabs you want to hide.