This feature can be used to effectively stop unauthorized personnel from using the system when an authorized user needs to leave their work area but will return in a short period of time. The prevention of others gaining access to the system through another user’s account is an important facet of security and privacy. To use this feature complete the following steps:

1)     Click the  link located in the upper right portion of the page header;

2)     The following popup screen will appear indicating you have elected to Suspend (or Expire) your session:


3)  To completely sign out, select the  button or simply leave your workstation. The difference between locking your session versus signing out is only the page you left off on. If you sign out of the session, you will be required to navigate back to where you left off.


4)   After locking the session, you have 60 minutes to return to your workstation and renew the session. Upon returning, simply enter your E-mail address and password, click the  button and begin right where you left off.


5)   If thirty minutes is exceeded, you will be automatically logged out of the system and the following Session Timeout Error screen will appear:

6)  If the Session Timeout Error screen appears, you will be required to use the  link to log back into the system. You have two (2) hours to do so, or anything that was not saved prior to clicking the  icon will be lost. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you save your work prior to using the lock feature.