Medical coding can easily be done accurately across entire data sets with a single click. See the highlighted section in the image below.

To auto-code everything be sure no filters are applied. Alternatively, a specific group of items can be filtered and auto-coded on their own.

When auto-coding the system reads through all terms and matches them against the dictionary that is loaded on the corresponding study. It then chooses the highest possible weighted match it sees. See below of an example.  Only one dictionary can be used at a time as determined in the configuration

The result of the auto-coding will display in the Match Status column of the table. One of the following results will appear:

Exact Match - Anything found in the dictionary that is a 100% match.

Partial Match - These are any terms where a partial match (<100%) was found in the dictionary.

Synonym Match - These are terms and corresponding codes that have been previously entered in the synonym dictionary for the current study.