After auto-coding, there may be items where no match was found by the system, or you just wish to code a term/medication differently. This article discusses how to code single items specifically for medications using the WHO Dictionary. 

Each item can be edited by selecting the link highlighted below:

Now select the dictionary icon displayed next to the code field:

The Dictionary will then open for searching. The following items annotated in the image below can be used to change or enhance the search:

1. Select "Go" to search the current medication or term.

2. Type in any other search term to search

3. For WHO Dictionary only, select which item you wish to search, based on what is typed in the search field. Selecting nothing here will search the medication title.

After selecting "Go", the results will be displayed where you can select which match category to view and click through the results:

Browse for the desired code listing and select the highlighted button below:

This will populate the table with the selected code. All ATC levels are automatically included in the selection and will be seen in the data export. The ATC codes can be easily referenced in the coding table by hovering over the highlighted code shown below:

Important: Select "Update" to save the changes:

Read here about how to export the coded records.