Medical coding can easily be done accurately across entire data sets with a single tap. See the highlighted section in the image below.

There are three options for auto-coding

1. Auto-code everything by ensuring no filters are applied. 

2. A specific group of items can be filtered and auto-coded in bulk. After filtering the desired items, tap #2 highlighted below.

3. Single items can be auto-coded  by tapping the #1 highlighted icons below.

When auto-coding the system reads through the term(s)/drug(s) and matches them against the dictionary that is loaded on the corresponding configuration. It then chooses the highest possible weighted match it sees. Only one dictionary can be used at a time as determined in the configuration


The result of the auto-coding will display as a percentage below each item. In the un-coded items shown above, these are currently 0%. Matches will be labeled as one of the following:


Exact Match - Anything found in the dictionary that is a 100% match. This includes synonym matches from the study's synonym list.

Partial Match - These are any terms where a partial match (<100%) was found in the dictionary.

Continue reading about how to manually code items or browse the dictionary from your mobile app.