After auto-coding, there may be items where no match was found by the system, or you just wish to code a term/medication differently. This article discusses how to code single items specifically for medications using the WHO Dictionary. Other dictionary configurations are similar.

From the item list, select the highlighted icon below next to the item you wish to code. 

This will auto-populate the search term or drug name in the dictionary browser, or you can use the search filters to search for something else.

Scroll the screen to see all the listings available and simply tap an item to select it.

To drill into the ATC codes for viewing, select the highlighted icon:

Once a code is selected, the screen will return to the code list and auto-fill the selected code. By default, all ATC codes will be included in the data, but you can selectively remove any by tapping on the highlighted icon below and unchecking any boxes.

Select desired ATC codes:

Lastly, return to the code list and save your work.

Next, read about how to add synonyms to your dictionary for more accurate auto-coding in the future.