The DDE coordinator will have the right to access and enter data into all DDE forms for all DDE sites. Whenever a DDE coordinator user enters a DDE form, a special label will be placed at the top of the form identifying that DDE user. If that label does not exist as shown in the figure shown, then the DDE user is not properly setup.

Again, as a DDE coordinator enters form data, they will have their own set of form statuses. Once a form status is a green check, they are done with that form and that form becomes eligible for discrepancy resolution. Once a form is actually resolved, the form status for the DDE clerk will look like figure below.

As stated earlier in this document. DDE clerks have their own Action Items.

Missing Form Action Items

Missing Form action items are present when another DDE clerk has entered a form, but not all DDE forms have been entered. Here a DDE clerk can click on the form and navigate directly to that form. If you assign a given clerk the responsibility to initiate all new forms, then all subsequent DDE clerks can simply use their Action Item Report to access the forms they need to enter.

Data Entry Errors

If a form has a Red X status, that means that the given DDE coordinator has a Data Entry error. All data entry errors must be fixed before a form can be resolved.

The DDE report will show all forms that contain Data Entry Errors. The Data Manager can leave a manual query for the DDE clerk to clean up the errors. That manual query can then be deployed to the DDE clerk and can be resolved once the DDE clerk has cleaned up the error.

For deploying queries to individual DDE clerks, each clerk can have their own role and then each manual query can be deployed to the individual clerk. For more about Query Management, please see the Query Management System help document.