DDE-Double Data Entry


Double Data Entry (DDE) functionality has been designed into the Clinical Studio system. Even though the application is called “Double” Data Entry; double, triple, quadruple or quintuple data entry can be performed. However, "Double Data Entry" is an industry accepted term so it will be used here as well.

DDE requires that designated forms, from designated sites be completed, error free, by a defined number of DDE users. The number of form entries can be from two (2) to five (5) users depending on how the DDE form is defined. Once the required number of users have completed data entry on a given form and saved that form error free, an administrative user can resolve any differences between the redundant forms. 

Form discrepancy resolution is carried out using a DDE Report created using the Report Builder application (shown below) which lists all DDE forms. When a DDE form is clicked in the report, it will bring up the status for each visit/event for that form (as shown in the second figure below). If a form is ready to have any discrepancies resolved, it will show up with a link in the DDE Status column in that row.

Discrepancy resolution is a very simple process. The system will show you every field in the form that is NOT identical between the DDE clerks as shown in the DDE Discrepancy ResolutionTable in the figure below. Depending on whether double, triple, etc. entry was selected; the system will show each user’s entry. At the end of each row is a radio list containing all the user entries for the given field. You can select which entry should be included in the final record. 

When done, clicking the Resolve DDE Discrepancies button will move the changes to the final record. Once a form has been resolved, it will be given a green check and function like any other form. Of course all DDE entries are kept and the form status changes from Ready to Resolve to Resolved.

See attached summary and factors to consider during setup and implementation