Much like Manage Mobile Devices, the Manage ePRO Devices will allow sending messages to a single ePRO Mobile Device or a Group of ePRO Mobile Devices.

Instantly contact your ePRO Mobile users with a push notification. 


Open the "Manage ePRO Devices" page from under the Study menu.

Once open, see the image below for annotated instructions on use: 

  1. Column headers are the details of each device that has logged in on the Clinical Studio app under the study.
  2. To send a message to an individual person select send message and fill out the text you would like to send. 
  3. To send a message to a group of devices select the check boxes under the "Group' column, and then continue to part 4 below.
  4.  Select "Send Group Notification" to fill out a message and send it to multiple devices.
  5. Use the filter to filter by site, user role, and/or device type.