Labs can be collected for either manual entry or via bulk import. Either way, the lab values entered on subject CRFs can be checked automatically by the system and subsequently flagged as out of range for further evaluation by a Clinician. A pre-specified measurement unit can also be auto-populated by the system.

Lab values and units can be specified separately for each lab used (if different) and can be based on any number of stratifications and any time-period. For example, the system can make sure that any value entered for Glucose between March 2017 and December 2017 from Acme Labs Incorporated where the patient is between ages 45 and 65 with a weight above 130 lbs must be a glucose value of 3.9 to 5.5, with a measurement unit of mmol/L.

The remainder of this article will walk through setting up Lab Ranges in the system and how they are then applied. Select each step below to read more.

1. Enable Lab Range functionality

2. Create a form or set of forms to collect lab data

4. Configure the lab sites and range mapping

5. Identify which lab sites are associated with each site in the study

6. Enter data to test ranges