Lab sites need to be associated with study sites because the study sites might use a specific lab or specific group of labs. The associated labs will then be available for the site users to choose from on the lab forms. 

Labs sites and study sites are associated in the Site Document Manager. The corresponding permission must also be enabled as discussed in this step.

In the image below, you can see there are five study sites. The first three study sites have 1 or 2 lab sites associated. In this example, we need to associate the fourth study site with a couple different labs. To do so, select the link highlighted in the image.

This will open a page listing the lab sites that were created in the Lab Range Manager application during lab range setup.

Select the lab sites that might be used by the current study site and save the changes.

Now, when the site users are entering lab data on a lab form, they will only have those lab site option to choose from. This is how the system will then know which data ranges to use for each of the lab collections. The image below shows an example of this.

Next read about how data entry works on lab forms.