There continues to be powerful improvements on Clinical Studio. Here is the list of items changed in version 4.4:

  • Lab range validation. Now the system can be setup to automatically evaluate lab results based on any number of dependencies.
  • Support for partial dates
  • The new default time format for all users is 24-hour unless users toggle their own preferences to 12-hour format. Regardless of what each user enters on the screen, the database will always store the date/time formats in a consistent manner for the data output.
  • Ability to extract all study and site related data to Excel format.
  • Date/time field types are now reflected in the data extracts based on date+time, date only, or time only, depending on what the field type is on the form.
  • Study managers can now rerun edit checks on specific fields for data cleaning purposes.
  • The Version Manager page now has an option to bypass conditional actions, so study managers can migrate to new study versions without the concern of firing unwanted edit checks.
  • Fixed many little squirmy bugs found both internally and by our dedicated users. Hats off to our power users for helping make it a better system with every release!

Lastly, development has been focused on Clinical Studio's highly evolved successor. The announcement will be coming soon, but in the meantime, be ready for a modernized interface and more powerful experience on your clinical trials, regardless of your role.

Thank you all for continued feedback and commitment to Clinical Studio for your studies.

Feb 14, 2017 - Amendment (v4.4.0.b):

  • Very large data sets  exported in the Form Extracts no longer hang or time-out.
  • Medical coding now has a progress bar to display progress during both auto-coding and saving of records.
  • Validations inside normalized tables are now functional.
  • Date exports in Extract By Form export in true date format in Excel for added capabilities of sorting and filtering
  • Labels can be included in data extracts

March 16, 2017 - Amendment (v4.4.0.c):

  • Changed dates in Extract All data application to date format, rather than text.
  • Normalized table fields can now be validated against data that exists outside the table.
  • Partial Dates can now be validated as blank or not blank, and hidden or disabled.
  • The ePRO patient website now operates on a separate URL so study testers can open patient login screen in the same browser they are using with their regular study login.
  • Squashed some bothersome bugs as usual.