Date/Time fields are used to collect dates and/or times on a form. For all Subject CRFs, at least one of these is required.

Drag out as many date fields as needed:

For subject type forms, use the form properties to identify one of the date fields as the visit/transaction date. 

This is the date field that the system will use to calculate visits or date windows as needed.

Lastly, in the date field properties, select which time control is needed. These are each described below. 

Note, the appearance of the field in the form builder will not reflect the time control option chosen. The form can be tested in the Subject Manager to view how the users will see the field and do the data entry.

None - (Time only) Only the date will be entered by the user. This will need to be a complete date. If the user deletes a part of the date, the system will auto-fill it to make it a real date. This is the most common option used.

Time - (Date+time) Both the date and time will be entered by the user. Due to the field type, this must be a full date+time. Users will not have the option to keep either one blank if only part of it is known. To give users the option to add one or both, we advise splitting the date and time into separate fields or adding a checkbox for the user to tick if one portion is unknown.

Time with seconds - Similar to Date+time field, but including seconds as well.

Time Only - The user will enter only a time

Time Only with seconds

Partial Date - Users will be able to select a date and delete a part that is unknown. Any part of the date that is deleted will be auto-completed with zeroes. If the month is deleted, the day will also be automatically zeroed out.  Partial Dates will only be displayed in the format, DD-Mon-YYYY. If a date field is set as the forms visit/transaction date in the form properties, do not make it a partial date. 

The system cannot use partial dates as the form's transaction date.  

PLEASE NOTE!  At this time you cannot do range checks or ANY conditional actions on Partial Date fields. (Planned update coming) 

REMINDER! Do not change an existing time date field to a partial. You need to delete and start with a new field AND A NEW FIELD NAME.


  • By default, all users on the system will see the 24-hour time format on all time fields. Users can independently change their preferences to the 12-hour format if they choose. 
  • When users enter midnight as a time in 24-hour format, some users will input 2400 and others will enter 0000. If entering 24, the system automatically kicks the value down to the next acceptable value, 23. The accepted format for midnight is 0000.