The ability to rerun edit checks is only available on studies that do not use version control. This is because version migrations rerun edit checks for you.

For all studies not using versioning, data can easily be cleaned by adding new validations (edit checks) as conditional actions to fields and then edit checks can be rerun on the data in the study to apply any new validations that were added.

The option to rerun edit checks can be found on the right hand side of the Form builder page. Selecting the link will open the controls shown below. Read below the image for further description of how to use.

Granularity - Select to rerun validations on the entire study, a specific visit, form(s), or field(s).

Validation Range - Select to only run validations in a specific date range based on the visit/transaction date identified on each form in the form builder.

Site - Choose specific sites to run the validations at