Note: The function described here may be disabled by the study designer and will not apply to all studies.

Clinical Studio is date-centric, meaning all subject CRFs have a date that defines their order within the database. If a form hasn't been entered yet, it doesn't have its own date, so it follows the target date of the interval it is collected in. This order can all be viewed in the record index.

The record index is accessed at the top of any form.

From the resulting window, you can see the list of forms (log forms included) based on the following prioritized factors:

1. Form Date - Entered by user when a form is filled out

2. Target Visit Date - Setup by the study designer

3. Form Sequence within each visit interval - Setup by the study designer

After opening a CRF, the arrows at the top of the form can be used to scroll forward and back in the index list: