Payment configuration is a permission that is granted in role security. If it is enabled for your role, the option will appear under the study menu:

See the image and steps below for steps to set up the payment system.

With a site selected (#1 above) or all sites using a single template, enter the amounts of each form and/or visit (#4, #5). The table can also be Imported (#6) by first exporting the system table to Excel (#9) and filling it in.

Set the status that each form/visit must obtain prior to being available for payment (#2). 

Save the template (#3).

Optional: Copy the template to all sites (#7). Be real careful not to hit this link when template is blank it will over write your site templates if they are configured.

If a version update is made to a study where a form was removed or added to the payment schedule, use the Update Site Versions link (#8). The table is also automatically updated when an existing study site is included in a new study version.


Only Subject forms are included in payment manager.

If the initial subject registration form is not appearing in the Unscheduled column, its because it needs to be marked as a log form in the form builder.

If opening the Payment Manager page results in an error, its because there is not site template saved in the payment configuration or no subject records in the study.

As records are entered in the study at the applicable sites, forms and visits will be tracked within the system and ready for payment based on the status defined in the configuration.

Read further about managing payments.